Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

The First Week of a New Chapter.

Comments on: "The First Week of a New Chapter" (2)

  1. Wallace Studios said:

    Feel like I’m one step ahead of you Charlotte. When I resigned my “day” job last year, everyone kept saying I was retiring. Guess it is easier for people to wrap their heads around retirement versus following a dream. If I look at it honestly, I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked, but when you love what you do, there’s no distinction between work and play. So glad you’re on your new path. Next step – the dizzy feeling – that lasted about 4 to 6 months. Now I’ve got my feet planted firmly in some semblence of a routine that allows for flexibility and work! You go girl!

    • I just heard a new word. It was coined by Hillary Clinton when she left State. She said she was going to “untire”. I love it!! It sounded like the intermission I referred to in my last blog. Go Hillary – great word!!!

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