Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

What’s on the inside?

In March I attended the South Jersey Bead Society’s Bead Fest.  There I found purchased several lovely lampwork glass beads from Spaloss Studios, LLC One bead in particular I’ve had to sit with for the past few months, not knowing how to work with it.  Today I found the design.  It’s larger than I thought – and will be a real statement piece when worn.  I’ve posted a picture here, but there is no way that a photograph can capture the beauty of the bead.  As the light strikes it it sparkles and shows what in an opal would be called fire.

While your eyes perceive the bead’s predominant color to be pink there is no pink used in the making of this glass bead. The process the artist used to achieve the pink in the glass is called gold fuming.  Bits of gold are heated and when the vapors meet the glass the color becomes pink.  Yet, when the light reflects off or through the glass you can see gold inside.  It’s a beautiful bead.  I knew the wire had to enhance the bead in a way that the dominant focus would remain the beauty of the glass.

What’s on the inside of your art?  What brings beauty to the work of your hands? What speaks to your heART and brings that special uniqueness of you to your work?  How do you nurture and enhance what’s inside so that it grows and shines?  How do you use your heART to compliment the work of others and allow their work to shine?

Hmmmmm.  Today’s work certainly has me thinking.

Comments on: "What’s on the inside?" (2)

  1. Wallace Studios said:

    My HeArt, of course. All the joy, vibrant and glorious parts of the day, my life, my love and the beauty with which I’m surrounded! Thanks for reminding me of that.

    • Thank YOU, Dee. After all it’s your art that is embellishing mine when a piece of your watercolors become a part of the packaging for my jewelry. Blessings on you and your heART!

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