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It’s All In My Head

Tired and wondering if I should be writing tired.  But, it’s a good tired.  I finished five wire wrap projects this weekend – four of which I like – one of which I feel “uuhhhh” it’s OK.  And, then there’s the project “in my head” .  I’ll post pics of the finished projects  with this blog post but what I find myself wanting to consider is the project “in my head”.

I have a gorgeous glass bead, square, double channeled, incredibly colored, that I’ve set aside.  I haven’t known what to do with it.  I haven’t had the time at the same time as I felt a small spark of inspiration starting to fire so that I could sit with it, consider it and see where my hands and the beauty of the bead would take me.  I was thinking wire wrap.  After all that’s what I’m into these days.  But I didn’t have a clue how that would work out.

Then it happened.  I’d heard about this kind of thing before, but it had never happened to me.  I thought I hadn’t thought about that bead in a couple of weeks.  Apparently that wasn’t the case.  It could only be that somewhere deep in my unconscious mind I’ve been working out the best approach to that little project.  One morning this week I awoke before the alarm sounded with a very clear picture of exactly what that necklace is going to look like.  No wire wrap at all.  It will be a beaded project.  Now, the unfortunate thing is that I don’t have all the supplies in my grab bag of beading goodies, but at least now I know what supplies are needed. In my mind’s eye the picture is clear.   The gorgeous glass bead is going to be the feature. There will be a double stranded necklace with Swarovski crystal elements and sterling silver beads and spacers.

Isn’t it something though – how the mind works – how the subconscious is always at going?  Isn’t it wonderous that your mind can tap into a reservoir of creativity and technical knowledge and solve a challenge without the need for conscious thought to complete the job.  One goes to sleep with a challenge and wakes up with a solution.  I’ve never had such a clear example in my own life.  Have you?  It’s wonderous and surprising and exciting, isn’t it?  Care to share?

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