Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Have you ever finished something and the more you contemplated it – the time you spent with it you couldn’t let it go because it just didn’t FEEL finished?  That’s the way I’ve been living with The Flowering Vine.

When I initially finished it, I liked its simplicity.  I was so focused on not taking away from the beauty of the glass work in the bead that less seemed to be just right.  But the more time that elapsed the more I wasn’t satisfied with it until it actually was entering my dreams.  Seriously, last night I found myself trying the placement of additional wire to the piece in a dream.  The wire and the tools came out this morning and I set to work.

Here’s a picture of the, hopefully, finished setting.  Is it just enough?  Is it too much?  Is that just a matter of taste?

Do you struggle with that in your art?  How do you know when enough is enough?  When do you need just that one more plant in the garden – or – tree in the painting – or knick knack on the shelf?  When will that last touch take you over the top?  Hmmmmm

Comments on: "“Please, Sir, I want some more?” or When is enough enough?" (2)

  1. Jerilyn Gainsford Henderson said:

    Very good ,and timeless, question my friend.I shall have to ponder that awhile.BTW,the new creation seems to me,deep like the ocean,and many layered.I love it.

    • Funny, Jeri, when I asked the question about the amount of Vine and leaves around the pendant, I realized that the question of how much is too much applies to almost everything in life not just art. I guess that’s why something like this is called an “object lesson”. LOL

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