Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

ImageI recently purchased two beautiful beads on Etsy from dichroic glass artist Shawna Hovey of Chrysalis Dreams.  The pictures of the beads were lovely enough to move me to purchase them, but when they arrived – WOW – so much more than the pictures could show.  I was thrilled but somewhat intimidated.  Could I do justice to the beauty of the beads?  I set them aside and I waited.

Tonight the teardrop bead called me and I felt it was time.

Out came the tools and – for these beads – the sterling silver wire. My style is usually free form – take a piece of wire and just start but the beauty of the bead . . . the cost of the sterling silver wire . . . certainly I had to PLAN for this project.  The bead was traced and possible tracks for the wires plotted and replotted before the wire cutters make their first cut.

Heaven help me – the first attempt didn’t work.  Try again – move the wire this way – move it that way – try to accomplish the plan.  YUCK!  It just wasn’t going well.  What to do?

Faced with doubt, I returned to my roots and just let go.  I followed the will of the bead and the wire.  I did something that intellectually I just shouldn’t have done I twisted and turned the wire on which the bead was hanging.  Hmmmm that didn’t look half bad.  So I added a twist here and a wire there and it wanted a bend over there and a curve there.

I saw a lovely floral bead.  I didn’t see the flowering vine from which it was plucked.  When I let go and rested in my own style of wire working – when I allowed the intuition that is a large part of creativity to rule my eyes and hands – there it was.

Did I do justice to the gorgeous dichroic glass work?  I hope so. But I am feeling good about what I did.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to be true to who we are and how we work.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to trust our intuition and let it flow through whatever creative expression we pursue.

Your thoughts?

Comments on: "It’s About Confidence in One’s Style and Intuition" (1)

  1. Thank you for the Likes! I just wish I had a better picture so that you could appreciate the art work of the dichroic bead mounted in this pendant. Let’s see what I can do about that.

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