Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Several weeks ago I was offered an exciting opportunity. My friend Dee is a wonderful water color artist.  She had the thought that perhaps some of her “cast off” work might be usable in making tags for my jewelry.  We’d be up-cycling pieces of her work that would otherwise be destined for a dust bin.  I LOVED the idea and was sure I could find some way to make the idea work.

Tonight I took a detour from wire wrapping pretty pendants while watching Dancing With the Stars and took my Cricut Expression cutting machine out of the box.  I searched through my pattern cartridges and found two ideas to start.  I cut and assembled a small gift bag which was embellished with a strip of one of Dee’s water colors.  Then I cut out a butterfly shadow tag and pasted it over another piece of Dee’s work.

How exciting! Art supporting art. The tags I can make from Dee’s work will tell the story of my work. Water color – paper crafting – jewelry making . . . Woohoo . . . excuse me if I join the dancers on the TV and do a little happy dance around my living room. I am so pleased that Dee presented me with this idea. I am so pleased with the initial results of this collaboration.

You can see Dee’s artwork on her FB page or follow her blog at


Comments on: "Of Creative Ideas and Up-Cycling and Art . . ." (6)

  1. By the way, Dee, when you read this I hope you’ll comment on “cast off” and “destined for the dust bin” art work – because I certainly don’t feel comfortable with the terms even though I used them here. It’s hard not to see the beauty in the pieces.

  2. Wallace Studios said:

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    It’s amazine what can happen when creative minds collaborate!

  3. Wallace Studios said:

    “Cast off” and “Dust Bin” are terrific phrases for the pieces I happily passed on to you, Charlotte. They are perfect examples of practice, imagination and the creative process. Pieces of those paintings had already been removed for another project of mine. No shame in calling them “Cast Offs”…..that just equates to experience, the joy I experienced at the time I put the paint to the paper, and the fact that they have moved on to their next lesson for someone else. I just love the way these tags and bags look. And it moves my heArt to see them used for even more creativity. Happy dance indeed this morning.

    • Thank you, Dee. I’m so pleased you’re happy with the next life you’re art is taking on through our collaboration. Thank you so much for having the vision to see the possibilities. It is, indeed, amazing what can happen when creative minds collaborate. Hmmm You know how the ripples spread when you drop a pebble in the water . . . I wonder if we’ll inspire any readers of our blogs to look for ways to collaborate? Another happy thought. Comments anyone?

  4. Jerilyn Gainsford Henderson said:

    Very,very cool Charlotte !

  5. Thanks, Jeri! And I’m just scratching the surface with what’s possible using the Cricut and Dee’s art. I’m going to be trying some new things on this project over the weekend!

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