Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

In a Spin

ImageWithout a doubt I’m having SO much fun and there should be no surprise it’s coming out in the designs. Tonight I wire wrapped three very different pieces – one a piece of a geode, one a beautiful blue and gold glass flamework bead and the third a polished stone bead.  They are different materials and different evolutions in their wrap.  But, without a doubt my favorite is the polished cut stone.  It’s called “In a Spin”.  In a spin is how I’m feeling these days.  There’s such fun and so much reward in following your heART.  It’s truly a blessing.  As I look at the work represented by In a Spin I can see those blessings swirling about.  And, as I contemplate it – isn’t that a large part of what art is about – the process of bringing what’s inside out?  Is it the beauty of a sunset caught in oils?  The photograph of friend, family or love?  The broad brush strokes of a watercolor capturing a beautiful landscape?  Something captures our heart and we long to express it. Tonight for me this piece totally captures the tide of blessings swirling around me.  Thank you, God, for the gift of this ability to create something of beauty and for the many ways you’re blessing me through people and circumstances as I follow my heART.

Comments on: "In a Spin" (4)

  1. Jerilyn Gainsford Henderson said:

    Love this Charlotte! It is stunning.

  2. Wallace Studios said:

    Keep spinning – another lovely.

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