Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Mellow Yellow

Tonight the pendant is Yellow Jade wrapped in copper craft wire.  I had three pieces is this beautiful Yellow Jade just waiting for me to wire wrap.  It was a hard start with this stone since I’m accustomed to either wrapping a piece through which I can thread multiple pieces of wire – or mounting a cabochon in the wire wrap.  This was the first time to for me to try the single wire to which other wires would also be attached.  So this was a new learning experience for me.  It had me growling a little at the start, but in the end it all worked out.  Then came the naming.  Actively engaged in singing since a child, my brain often thinks in lyrics and for this piece my brain immediately went to a song by Donovan – Mellow Yellow and I found myself singing “I’m just wild about Saffron. Saffron’s wild about me. . . they call me Mellow Yellow”.  Smiling my thoughts went back to “the day” riding in the car and singing along with Donovan on the radio . . “they call me Mellow Yellow.”  But SERIOUSLY . . . the next thing should be to look up Yellow Jade and see if there was a name in its properties.  Turns out that yellow jade is is representative of joy and happiness. So, the name Mellow Yellow sticks and I’m left with a feeling of joy and happiness both in tapping into my creative spirit and heART and in the memories evoked by Mellow Yellow.  May you too find joy and happiness in tapping into your God given creativity and may your spirit rejoice!

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  1. Jerilyn Gainsford Henderson said:

    This is a delightful blog !

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