Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Spent some totally enjoyable time Sunday networking with my friend, Dee Wallace – check out her blog at – As the discussion went to the fact that in the past week I hadn’t made any new wire wrap pieces because I just didn’t seem to have the time, Dee made a suggestion I want to follow.  Working full time sometimes seems like it leaves little time for the creative time I want to invest in my jewelry work.  It’s easy to set it aside.  “I’m too tired.”  “The time just isn’t there.”  “There are so many other things to do.”  That’s the easy way.  Dee talked about her commitment to doing something every day that supported her heart – her art. She encouraged me to do the same.  Creating my art – creating any art – is, indeed a commitment.  In some ways no different that the commitment to go to the gym every day.  It’s good for the body – it good for stress relief.  It develops the muscles you need to stay healthy – it develops the creative muscles needed to keep moving forward in your art.  Sometimes it’s a joy and sometimes it’s a chore – but always it’s facilitates health whether health of the body or health of the spirit.  So I’m following Dee’s advice.  Everyday – at least one thing to support my heART.  Here’s one of today’s contributions.  “You Make my Heart Sparkle”.  I named it that because the geode slice reminded me of a heart and the crystals in the geode contribute such a lovely little sparkle.  As I write these words and contemplate my work tonight and it’s contribution to my heART – a truth becomes evident to me.  Working with the wire – forming the mounting for the geode slice – embellishing this already beautiful work of nature does, indeed, make my heart sparkle!

Comments on: "You Make My Heart Sparkle" (1)

  1. Wallace Studios said:

    Two pieces of jewelry AND a blog…I’d say you’re ahead of the curve this week!

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