Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Tired but inspired.  I spent my afternoon today making my wallet a little lighter but my wire wrapping supply tray a little heavier.  I attended a beaders’ trade show. I found some beautiful metallic ribbon I can use to make necklaces for some of my recent pendant creations and some gorgeous beads.  So while it wasn’t a weekend of creating, it was time to acquire some of the things necessary to the creative process.

I can’t wait to get to work on one particular glass bead.  There was a glass work artist at the show that had a table full of the most beautiful glass work beads.  Truly I wish I could have afforded one of everything.  While I purchased several beads there’s one in particular that has a wonderful back story and really has my creative juices running. Look for my final wire wrap of the bead and its story here in the coming days.

Spending the time today purchasing the elements that support the kind of art I do and finding inspiration there as well has me reflecting about another aspect of this journey on which I’ve embarked.  I have been so encouraged by the support and inspiration I’m receiving – from friends – from family – from people I don’t even know.  In these weeks since I started seriously committing myself to following my (as an artist friend has coined the word) heART I’ve been stunned by the number of strangers who admire one of my pendants that I’m wearing.  It’s like the universe is coming together to tell me yes – what you’re doing is good; now is the time so step out in courage and follow your heART. God is really blessing my heart and the work of my hands.

So, to all of you who are following this blog and have taken the time to encourage me — thank you! You have been and I’m sure will continue to be a blessing to me – more than you know!  What an exciting time this is for me and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

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