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I decided to wrap a geode half tonight but went about it in, I guess you could say, a backwards manner. I started with the wire.  It’s a freeform style that I’ve used to embellish the wire form rather than use the wire to embellish a focal piece.  Here I wanted both create the form and add the feature. The form was the easy part.  Finding and placing the appropriate half geode was another matter.  But, thank goodness there it was in one of my little plastic bags, the perfect geode for the freeform silver frame.  Placing and wrapping it into the form was the next challenge. I’m not a disciplined wire wrapper.  I don’t have a pattern in my head.  I don’t plan and measure and form.  I cut a couple pieces of wire and start moving it and shaping it.  I search through bags of stones to find the one that fits. Is a disciplined measured approach better.  Would I be a better artist?  When I learned to play piano, when I took vocal lessons . . . it was all about learning to do it “the right way” first and then from the core knowledge of the proper technique to move into the freedom of expression.  As a beginning wire wrapper  I question if I should be learning a more disciplined approach to creating my designs.  Do I need to plot and plan and measure first to learn the art or is my more organic approach equally acceptable? Hmmmmm Do I need to learn “the right way”? Is there a right way or wrong way in this art? I don’t have a name for this pendant that I made tonight.  Perhaps I should call it “Searching”.Image

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  1. Wallace Studios said:

    Don’t know about wire wrapping, but when it comes to creativity, I believe there are two sides to the process, sort of like the left and right brain. Sometimes I plan, sometimes the addiction is so great, I just have to paint without as much as a pencil mark. Not sure there’s a right and a wrong. As long as your heART is happy! Nice piece, great title.

  2. It’s a gorgeous piece of work! I don’t know if ‘formal instruction’ is the sole basis of a foundation when it comes to creating art. Sure, it helps to know some of the pieces and techniques, but to let them get away of the exploration and imagination – I think the “right way” of such visual arts can only be defined by the artist themselves.

    • Thank you so much, Tommia. I guess there’s a little of my insecurity showing. I have absolutely no formal training as a visual artist. I’ve puttered in a lot of art forms but am settling in a bit with this jewelry design muse. I love what I’m doing but am wondering – just what don’t I know that could make me better. I appreciate your insight.

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