Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

Dancing With the Stars

I spent some time today wrapping four stones.  One in particular strikes me . . . Dancing with the Stars.  Well – it happens to be my not so secret TV addiction, but I had no intention of wire wrapping an homage to the program when I started.  It just ended up that way LOL.  The stone is a Herkimer Diamond embellished with Swarovski Crystal elements and wrapped in copper and silver craft wire.  When I finished the pendant and looked at it – there it was.  The square Herkimer Diamond – the square shoulders of the male dance partner – the three dark green crystals – the buttons on the shirt of the tuxedo.  The crystals at the top – the glitter of the lady’s dress.  The swirls of silver at the bottom – her skirts as her partner twirls her in the waltz.  Never started out with that thought in mind – unless on some deep subconscious level . . . Anyway, love it when something like this happens. Of course, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps another would see something something else.  And – that’s art.  We all bring our own filters into its creation and into the viewing of the final product.

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