Reflections on connecting with the creative muse.

And it begins . . .

03/14/2012 – Well, the blog spot is being created.  In the days ahead I plan to blog about some of the more mystical, spiritual experiences in the creative process.  When I’m following my bliss it’s in the creative arts.  I write, sing, am a photographer and designer and crafter of jewelry.  Many, if not most of us, who are involved in any creative process find that there are times that sometimes you enter a zone where the words write themselves, the painting falls off the brush or the media with which one is working becomes what it intends to be.  It’s my hope to blog about those times; both my own experiences and those of other artists.  I hope you’ll find it interesting to consider how those of us whose experiences I chronicle here find or are found by the muse behind our works. And, I hope that you who will follow this blog will speak to your similar experiences.  

Comments on: "And it begins . . ." (1)

  1. Nancy Watson said:

    Love this…and the creating begins with a very creative title…

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